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About us

Linen of Desna Company is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine, working on a full production cycle starting from the cultivation of Flax and Industrial Hemp, including primary processing of Flax and Hemp raw materials and ending with the production of natural flax-hemp twine and rope, fuel briquettes and insulation materials (Flax and Hemp Shives). In addition, in 2016 the first time since Ukraine's independence, the company produced 100% linen fabric from 2015 year`s Flax crop of Hlukhiv district.


High-quality raw materials, which are in great demand both in Ukraine and abroad, are obtained by applying the best European agricultural technologies of flax cultivation, the use of high-yielding imported from abroad seeds in combination with an effective special equipment for flax. Primary processing of Flax and Hemp raw materials held at the modernized mill in Hlukhiv, a single modern Western European equipment in Ukraine, under the strict control of laboratory professionals. This is the guarantee of obtaining high-quality Fiber!

Production facilities of Linen of Desna consist of Flax mill and Hemp line in Hlukhiv city, Sumy region. Annual volume of Flax Fiber (both Scutched Fiber and tow) is up to 1000 tons, Short Hemp Fiber - up to 500 tons. The lion's share of the processed fiber is sold in Europe and Asia for the needs of spinning and textile enterprises, and the rest - is processed in our own twine factory in v. Marchyhyna-Buda (Sumy region) for flax-hemp  twine and rope, which have their fans among Ukrainian customers!

Our objective is always to satisfy our customers! Therefore, we offer a friendly to nature product, we guarantee the quality of Fiber and a competitive price. For us, there is no concept of the minimum order - we consider equally valuable retail and wholesale customer!